drawn by Broda502/courtesy DeviantArt

“At Your Feet”

What words might I give you?
Elegance from the Orient East?
Perhaps golden nights in The Tropic Isles.
Soothing to the senses.
So too please.
Balmy eyes rest.
Palm breezes blow tastes of wishful sleep.
Awakening with the dew.

What sights would I give you?
Never ending panorama?
Lights that glitter and turn to gamma.
Eyes that see no other.
Hands at your beck and call.
Praise at your feet for all.

What woe could I cause you?
Turn my back in keen?
Let no door be ever seen.
Enmity at your heel.
Gauntlet to the face so real.

No words can show the grief of a love torn apart from the heart.
Only dutiful steps will carry you through the paragraphs of life.
Only you can write your story from the start.
Being careful who you place as characters and their parts.

I, who have nothing to say, say it all, but my words are swept away.
Leaving to another what more eloquently should be said.

And in doing so, I bow down in humility and the lowering of my head.

©2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.
illustrated by DragonSpark/courtesy of DeviantArt

"The Drowning Pool"

Senseless words that gravitate

The 14caret masturbator

Left you like a reprobate

With all around to witness

Seamless flawless left in darkness

Once a scholar now is lost

Fleeting floating on a ship

A ship of fools that heaves behooves us

Funny now who is the fool?

There is no one to rescue you

You’ll drown for sure

The drowning pool

Is way too deep to see the bottom

Flip flop flopping

Like a fish out of water

Gasping for air was Poseidon’s Daughter

But woe was the aftermath

Atlantis slaughtered

T’was no vessel to escape in

And in the distant foggy future

There rose a prophet who came to tutor

But alas no students would bow to suitor

The lessons had been lost

Yet in the artifacts that would be found

Witnessed by many from all around

The trumpets rose without a sound

No lamp would light their way

The fossils that remained within

Would last for ages wearing thin

But now the find once where begins

Once where begins I ask you?

©2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.
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