illustrated by Zilla774/courtesy DeviantArt

“The Watchers”
(The Fallen Ones)

And from the beginning
As to the end
Bound destroyers of the flesh
Defilers of all beasts
The Nephilim did flourish
As the rulers of the Earth
Letting the blood of mankind
Yet a Goliath was cut from the line
Worthy of his reprobate lineage he died
But warned the seat of Tarturus
And the peace they would not find
Vengeanced arrogance
Would be their reply
Amidst the promise of immortality
Contempt for the worthy
Mixed from the roots of enchantment
Blood blended with wine
The wine of 'Amoros
Nectar of forbidden magic
Taught in the skills of war
Azazel’s heritage
For centuries would consummate
Bending of the elements with God like flare
The Fallen One’s took on that dare
But cry and wail to the prophets
Let them intervene for your salvation
As you rape the daughters of the Universe
Discriminated Agilent Li(f)e
Subjugated to the gates of Sheol
How does a man plead for a God’s life?
He does not
The Fallen lied
The Watchers watched with no reply
But the Prophet would turn away
Hold no tears to cry
For the Fallen were left
In the end
As the beginning
They knew why
Hell would be the end
The place they surely would die

© 2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.


illustrated by Emo_goul/courtesy of DeviantArt

"I Wrestled With God"

I stood upon this mountain top
So many moons ago
I raised my fists to Almighty Heaven
As I shook the earth below
I sought to raise almighty ire
From my anger I did speak
In all my strength and arrogance
As I stood upon my feet
I cursed the skies that riled above me
And the Maker for his deeds
Haughty proud with hands on hips
I spoke my one reprieve
“Do you still not hear me Lord?!”
Was my cast of tongue
Relentless in my anger
In the person I'd become
I sought to battle with the Gods
And stood there clinched in hand
A sword with all my frailties
Of blood was my demand
“Show me this great power now or lest I walk away!
What kind of God would take his Love
And cast it in my face?”
Was I that shouted to Heaven above
With curses of disgrace
I knew I had the power with
The words that I embraced
My body wretched with pain and horror
I drew my sword to strike
The mighty hand of The One above
Would mold me on this night
He took from me all that I am
And threw me to the ground!
Breaking bones the gnash of teeth
And not a word or sound
The flame of fire consumed my bones
My flesh became as dross!
I raised my eyes to where I'd fallen
To see my own deaths cross
But as I looked upon the mountain
I called upon my God
"Is this my fate oh King of Kings?"
He said, "My son, tis not.
For in like unto my son Jacob
You seek me out in pain
Why must you shake your fist at me?
When all is not in vain?"
"My God!" I cried, "Please do not leave me!
Let not my words fall short!"
I tried to rise upon my feet
On the mountain of my Lords court
He saw my heart and all it's sorrows
A tear rose unto He
“Stand up young warrior sword in hand!”
Is what he said to me
“I brought you here so long ago
To teach you of my ways
And now your time has come to serve me
Listen to what I say,
The road that I have placed before you
Trials that you have seen
Have made you stronger than you know
I reveal your commence in dreams
I cast you from the salt of earth
Born iron and stone your mantel
For now your time has come at last
My Warrior of the Temple!
Stand up now! Your sword in hand!
Tis time for you to see!
Your name I gave to you for reason
Stand up! Bushi no Ji!”

©2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.