Hello friends, and welcome. This write is a dedication, one of many I have wrote over the years. To friends, family, and colleagues, and to others who continue to inspire me to be steadfast, and be more creative in all that I do. How do you thank someone for such a thing? By giving back, of yourself...even if only in the written word. This piece is for Lori aka "Knoit Poet." This piece has a place in my heart...it speaks. This piece was a collaborative effort, of which you will see by the authors credits. Originally done in early Feb. 2011, I had no idea this piece would take on the life it did. All the art work you see was done by me, from scratch. I wanted to create a "stationary" that would compliment this piece, I hope I did it justice. I am grateful, so grateful, to be able to do this one thing for sister Lori. Life is short my friends, so very short. May we use our time wisely. 


 Welcome everyone and thank you for coming by. Sorry it's been so long between postings as I have been half scattered working on "things" and trying to breathe in between. Things will smooth out soon as I get everything in a production mode. I want to say again that anyone can comment on this blog. Some have said they can't, but I don't see how that's possible. I've tried numerous browsers and have no problem accessing the blog like a normal reader. But either way...I hope you enjoy and feel compelled to leave a comment. Thank you very much...all of you.

*photo courtesy of PhotoBucket

"The Sign Said"

I wish I could…
Just wear this happy meal face all the time
Looks clean huh? Un-scathed?

This porcelain death mask of comedy has cracks,
too many to see
I'm a trained puppet of misery

Always smiling...still
Torn inside
Was never said before
Just angry
Because of the spoils of life?

C'est la vie?
Savoir faire?
C'est la guerre!
I just fix eat it most times

Raged road kill caviar
Monkeh brain briolette'
Chimp jewelry
No Chinese food please?
I hate sum dum guy

Gather it
Mix it
Spice it up with a little life
Cook it
Eat it
Be careful how you share it too

You could poison an unsuspecting soul...sucker
And not even realize
Like radiator fluid juice
What a gamble

It's all on the table now though
Cards laid out
Straight poker of the heart
A royal flush...Woo hoot! Pay me dammit!!

But it went right down the drain
Drain-owed...almost like orange anti-freeze
Sweet/rancid cerebellum death
The recipe for thoughtful meals?

Happy meals of course
Ice creamed cones
Apple pies in a test tube
Healthy food?
Conservative tripe!
Tripe?! What is that?! ”Moooooo!”

Shouldn't eat the fast food of fools
Take out in the land of no return
The price of an ice creamed cone?
Cheap right?
Sold your soul for a lick then huh?

One purchase per customer

“No Refunds Allowed!!”

Did you know there is a sir-charge on straws now?
That's what the sign said
More Mickey D's Burger Doodles Cap'n D's
Extra charges for condiments too
Don't even have to say please


Is this even affordable?
I think they R.S.V.P. now
Have it your way?!

Fuck you!!!

I think I'll go to "The Golden Corral"…ahhh, Heaven
I love a buffet
All you can eat
Cookies too
I can have 5 ice creame' cones
For the price of 1 if I want…MMmmmmm!

That's what the sign says dammit!
And all the cookies you can eat…remember?

Now that's a bargain.

© 2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.