“Born in the Wrong Time”

To far away lands I have been
I'll tell you what I've felt and seen
But sometimes it feels just like a dream
And times at best a tragic nightmare
Archaic stories of days future past
To the moment of our creation
From beginning till the last
To the depths of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
But I'll not waste of your time and lay on with a story
Each little second marks a moment in history
From the end to beginning
There is such a great mystery
Was it he was is I was it you who foretold?
That the meaning of life was never easy to hold
But we walk in this journey ancient tales to be told
To the depths of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
But I will take of this time and not seek out glory
As it were and as it is
It's never easy to give
And when all's said and done
Where's our love for everyone
Where's our love for everyone?
To the depth of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
I was born in the wrong time
I was born, in the wrong time

written by H.A.Irwin,Jr. 2011
all rights reserved


01/06/2012 09:23

This was actually written from a prompt by Nyla, from the Speak Easy Cafe. I wrote it last year, but never got back to her unfortunately...hopefully she will forgive me if I show up next week and read it...;)
Appreciate the comments friends.

Gina marie
01/06/2012 09:38

It is grand words Hank....you are so very good at it....keep up the great work...never stop babe..love ya

01/06/2012 10:32

Thank ya Gina <3

cherry rose
01/07/2012 22:17

WOW, this is an amazing write lyrical flows like a song beautifully pennned

01/10/2012 08:30

Thank you very much Cherry :)

01/09/2012 11:16

Glad you alerted me to this, Hank!! Always love to read your stuff. And this definately should be a song. Hope you know the tune. Love it!! :)

01/10/2012 08:31

You're welcome Fiona, you think so? Maybe I should pick up the ax and whittle out some melody :)

suz rocks
01/09/2012 11:41

Flows perfectly. Awesome as usual. Love it when you alert me to your writes. You know how lazy I can be so I always appreciate the shove. It's always worth it to visit your work. Two thumbs up, because I only have two :)

01/10/2012 08:33

Suz, you are the awesomeness boo! Thank you so much, for coming by. 2 thumbs up from you is a delight.

01/09/2012 12:03

indeed, I was born out of time, not quite in sync with what can be or should be... but we journey on... maybe that is the REAL task, moving on despite "times" uneven measure :)

01/10/2012 08:36

I hear ya Jen, and yes, I would imagine everyone has felt that way at some point in their life. It's when we lose the love that everything goes haywire. Thank you for coming by babe, love it when you do. :)

Valerie Cranfill
01/09/2012 20:57

This reads like a classic poem, Hank. Very nice job, and I've always felt I was born in the wrong time myself....so I melt in and out of wherever I feel welcome. ;)

01/10/2012 08:40

well Val, for you and I, I would imagine going back in time to when music was really making it's debut here in the US would be a focal point of interest for the both of us. The old blues n folk tunes, Woody Guthrie kinda style stuff. Even ole Elvis himself. Oh, btw...thank you...thank you very much ;)

Stephany Borders
04/26/2012 00:06

this is site is wonderful. The art work is amazing. The story great too..
wanted to catch up and say hi!!!! HUGS


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