Just a little progress report; looking for cover artists to ease the workload of yours truly, in the process of the production aspect of my endeavors, along with taking on the whole responsibility of providing the illustrations for my books, as well as any author who may decide to work with me on their own works. If I like what I see, you can expect to hear me knocking on your door. All things are set in motion though, will announce the name of the company this month, a mission statement is already in place here on the site, just look under the tabs at the top of the main page. Links to partners, associates and participants will be added as I go along. Below is the new cover for "The Willow and the Warrior" for your perusing. Thanks for your support, comments, and more than all, your friendship. peace...Bushi
Click for larger view. :)
Well hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope that you will enjoy your visit here so much that it will prompt you to come back from time to time. It is my pleasure to have you here. Please feel free to leave comments if you will. I enjoy being able to interact with you and look forward to anything you have to say. If you so desire, please bookmark the site for future reference. Ok? Well, take your shoes off, grab a beverage and relax. Please browse around if you like. I am still in the developmental stage of this site so, if you can bear with me while I'm in this transition I would really appreciate it.