Hello friends, and welcome. This write is a dedication, one of many I have wrote over the years. To friends, family, and colleagues, and to others who continue to inspire me to be steadfast, and be more creative in all that I do. How do you thank someone for such a thing? By giving back, of yourself...even if only in the written word. This piece is for Lori aka "Knoit Poet." This piece has a place in my heart...it speaks. This piece was a collaborative effort, of which you will see by the authors credits. Originally done in early Feb. 2011, I had no idea this piece would take on the life it did. All the art work you see was done by me, from scratch. I wanted to create a "stationary" that would compliment this piece, I hope I did it justice. I am grateful, so grateful, to be able to do this one thing for sister Lori. Life is short my friends, so very short. May we use our time wisely. 


“Born in the Wrong Time”

To far away lands I have been
I'll tell you what I've felt and seen
But sometimes it feels just like a dream
And times at best a tragic nightmare
Archaic stories of days future past
To the moment of our creation
From beginning till the last
To the depths of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
But I'll not waste of your time and lay on with a story
Each little second marks a moment in history
From the end to beginning
There is such a great mystery
Was it he was is I was it you who foretold?
That the meaning of life was never easy to hold
But we walk in this journey ancient tales to be told
To the depths of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
But I will take of this time and not seek out glory
As it were and as it is
It's never easy to give
And when all's said and done
Where's our love for everyone
Where's our love for everyone?
To the depth of another lifetime
I was born in the wrong time
I was born in the wrong time
I was born, in the wrong time

written by H.A.Irwin,Jr. 2011
all rights reserved

“Changing Skies”

Throughout all my thoughts I see...broken memories…cascaded with the signs of no tomorrows.

Binding me and blinding me, led without a single plea...to the Bridge of Un-repented Sorrows.

Why was this the case?
A slap across my face?...I didn't realize I was your clown.
Now I sit disgraced...purposely mis-placed...just a mere court jester with a frown.

I knew that I could make you laugh beneath this cold coarse smile.
Never knowing you would leave in just a little while.

I tired my best to make you soar above your woeful dreams.
Now all I have in knowing is alone I will remain it seems.

I laugh, I cry and wonder why, is all of this in vain?
All I wanted was your love and not un-dying pain.
The heart I have is broke in two and now there’s nothing more to say.
Except my angel in all my dreams, I wish you hadn’t gone away.

Our life is gone and so the dreams, but tomorrow will not wait.
It says that if Love comes my way…do not hesitate.

I sit and watch the changing skies with memories set in deep eyes.
I watch young lovers mingle with delight.
I wonder if they really know that Love will show them where to go.
But only if they Love with all their might.

But please, do not feel sad for me and leave me with your pity.
I would not do the same with you, you see?
My angel is not far from me.
She sits atop my Christmas tree, and yes…hope brings us all… brighter tomorrows.

©2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.

“To Dance Once More”

It's a long hard road but the road I'm on
Tracing my steps through the rights and wrongs
Leaving the blues for a brand new song
But it still sounds just like the blues

Smokey acrid lucid notes
At the top of the highest cloud the music floats
Streaming arpeggios apropos'
Let the melodies carry me along

But if ever I get the slightest chance
To find someone with the music I’d dance
Just look in my eyes and take my hands
Such sweet songs you would hear

Like nightingales or meadowlarks
A sweet bird of paradise the one that was lost
Looking for the melody no matter the cost
I just want to dance once more

I would sing of the way that your love set me free
Scribe to my heart your song so complete
Lay down my vows let them rest at your feet
The finest chords are so delicate and sweet

So delicate and sweet indeed

© 2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.

I just want to thank all of you for coming by and wish you all the very best that life has to offer. Never let the music stop and never let the dancing end.