There is evil inside can either learn from it, or it can take you. Pray that it doesn't take you.

courtesy of PhotoBucket

"Maggot's Resolution"

Do you hear that sound?
It is the sound of your life slipping through my hands

My cold dark damp hands
The hands that love you to death

The one’s that scream for the gnashing of your flesh
The eye bleeds the ink of your life on your flesh parchment

A sinewy ligament the quill for your torture
Write if you dare untold truths within your pain
Tell lies to the widows the insane

Make a pact with the level of your madness
So you may follow through with this gored affair

Maggots’ resolution to be more efficient the next arrivals
Eat before it spoils if you dare

Rot the sweet root taste of decay drips from your lips
Your flavor of the day

Food for the livid macabre living in deaths row garden
Blessed are the dead because they have rotted away

Waiting waiting on the sunflowers of disease
Embalmed is the fertilizer in longevities garden
Life lives but death is ever ardent

Bitterroot blood vein that protrudes from your temples
Make of the Beast so tragically simple

Sentinels of grave custodies darkened ways of the blood buoyant
Keeping the bones cold chilled for the pyre

©2009 H. A. Irwin, Jr.
illustrated by DragonSpark/courtesy of DeviantArt

"The Drowning Pool"

Senseless words that gravitate

The 14caret masturbator

Left you like a reprobate

With all around to witness

Seamless flawless left in darkness

Once a scholar now is lost

Fleeting floating on a ship

A ship of fools that heaves behooves us

Funny now who is the fool?

There is no one to rescue you

You’ll drown for sure

The drowning pool

Is way too deep to see the bottom

Flip flop flopping

Like a fish out of water

Gasping for air was Poseidon’s Daughter

But woe was the aftermath

Atlantis slaughtered

T’was no vessel to escape in

And in the distant foggy future

There rose a prophet who came to tutor

But alas no students would bow to suitor

The lessons had been lost

Yet in the artifacts that would be found

Witnessed by many from all around

The trumpets rose without a sound

No lamp would light their way

The fossils that remained within

Would last for ages wearing thin

But now the find once where begins

Once where begins I ask you?

©2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.