“Changing Skies”

Throughout all my thoughts I see...broken memories…cascaded with the signs of no tomorrows.

Binding me and blinding me, led without a single plea...to the Bridge of Un-repented Sorrows.

Why was this the case?
A slap across my face?...I didn't realize I was your clown.
Now I sit disgraced...purposely mis-placed...just a mere court jester with a frown.

I knew that I could make you laugh beneath this cold coarse smile.
Never knowing you would leave in just a little while.

I tired my best to make you soar above your woeful dreams.
Now all I have in knowing is alone I will remain it seems.

I laugh, I cry and wonder why, is all of this in vain?
All I wanted was your love and not un-dying pain.
The heart I have is broke in two and now there’s nothing more to say.
Except my angel in all my dreams, I wish you hadn’t gone away.

Our life is gone and so the dreams, but tomorrow will not wait.
It says that if Love comes my way…do not hesitate.

I sit and watch the changing skies with memories set in deep eyes.
I watch young lovers mingle with delight.
I wonder if they really know that Love will show them where to go.
But only if they Love with all their might.

But please, do not feel sad for me and leave me with your pity.
I would not do the same with you, you see?
My angel is not far from me.
She sits atop my Christmas tree, and yes…hope brings us all… brighter tomorrows.

©2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.

fiona phillips
12/09/2011 10:05

Lovely words, Hank. This is very beautiful and I love how it ends with hope :)

Colleen B
12/09/2011 12:06

Just exquisite, Hankl.... full of longing and melancholy but with a promise of good things to come. You do have an angel watching over you, your very special guardian. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

12/10/2011 09:07

Lovely hank... Dropping in pain, truth and connection of souls . Merry Christmas sir

Gina m
12/12/2011 03:17

Enjoyed much Bushi, thank you for sharing.So much expressed, felt.

12/12/2011 11:47

Thank you for sharing this, sorry it took a minute to get over and read!

This is a tale of love so deep the vains paulsate with the beating of pain.
Truly I feel these words, love the flow and rhyme.
Heartfelt, emotional, and a teardrop in my eye....
For I do know all too well the pain of love!

Hugs and love to you always Hank!

12/13/2011 09:25

Ahh, thank you Fiona, gotta have hope babe.
Merry Christmas to you too Coleen! Hope that angel sticks around lol
Yes indeed Nic, yes indeed...hope your Christmas is wonderful sweet heart...God bless you
Thank you Gina...much to be felt hun.
Awe Beth, you are such a blessing girl, your comments are always so delightful and deep too. I'm glad I had what I had with my girl, no matter what has happened. I thank God for the time I had with her, and for the moments I shared with her too. They were the best moments of my life. I hope you have a terrific Christmas lil sister...God bless you, and the family always.

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06/23/2012 20:52

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