illustrated by Emo_goul/courtesy of DeviantArt

"I Wrestled With God"

I stood upon this mountain top
So many moons ago
I raised my fists to Almighty Heaven
As I shook the earth below
I sought to raise almighty ire
From my anger I did speak
In all my strength and arrogance
As I stood upon my feet
I cursed the skies that riled above me
And the Maker for his deeds
Haughty proud with hands on hips
I spoke my one reprieve
“Do you still not hear me Lord?!”
Was my cast of tongue
Relentless in my anger
In the person I'd become
I sought to battle with the Gods
And stood there clinched in hand
A sword with all my frailties
Of blood was my demand
“Show me this great power now or lest I walk away!
What kind of God would take his Love
And cast it in my face?”
Was I that shouted to Heaven above
With curses of disgrace
I knew I had the power with
The words that I embraced
My body wretched with pain and horror
I drew my sword to strike
The mighty hand of The One above
Would mold me on this night
He took from me all that I am
And threw me to the ground!
Breaking bones the gnash of teeth
And not a word or sound
The flame of fire consumed my bones
My flesh became as dross!
I raised my eyes to where I'd fallen
To see my own deaths cross
But as I looked upon the mountain
I called upon my God
"Is this my fate oh King of Kings?"
He said, "My son, tis not.
For in like unto my son Jacob
You seek me out in pain
Why must you shake your fist at me?
When all is not in vain?"
"My God!" I cried, "Please do not leave me!
Let not my words fall short!"
I tried to rise upon my feet
On the mountain of my Lords court
He saw my heart and all it's sorrows
A tear rose unto He
“Stand up young warrior sword in hand!”
Is what he said to me
“I brought you here so long ago
To teach you of my ways
And now your time has come to serve me
Listen to what I say,
The road that I have placed before you
Trials that you have seen
Have made you stronger than you know
I reveal your commence in dreams
I cast you from the salt of earth
Born iron and stone your mantel
For now your time has come at last
My Warrior of the Temple!
Stand up now! Your sword in hand!
Tis time for you to see!
Your name I gave to you for reason
Stand up! Bushi no Ji!”

©2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.


04/03/2011 21:52

Hello my friend.... this is an extraordinary poem. It's raw and powerful and I really like rich masculine images it conjures...
... " Bushi no Ji" does this mean Love and Honor ?

Always happy to read your writes Hank


02/02/2013 09:58

Hank you are amazing- the touch that is yours resonates through out and makes us all feel- what a unique perspective!! Love this and the heart that penned it - Thank you ((hugs)) Kat

02/20/2013 10:03

why thank you Kat, thank you for coming by too, it's a pleasure having you here

cherry rose
04/03/2011 21:52

Hank, To Wrestle with God How I know this place You wrote of your struggles with life and asked God to meet with you and I see He Has So many times the answers we seek we have to wait on but we all have come to a point where we become angry and ask the question as to the why Even with His Ways the answers may not be what we need to hear but he lifted you and and let you see your strength of the journey he placed you on was not only meant to be but within your reach the whole time, I don't know if this makes any sense You have become a sage over time Hank *hugs* cherry rose

04/03/2011 21:57

Epic, truly its how it is with many of us, dare I say all of us at one time or another... Seeking in pain... is it a wonder we often find ourselves face down at the foot of his Mountain... LOVE it Hank :)

04/03/2011 22:05

This is incredible Hank, Thank you do much for pointing me over here! So much respect to you dearest Poet! xoxo

Ann Tea
04/03/2011 22:17

Just beautiful Hank, my warrior hearted friend! Just Beautiful!

04/03/2011 22:36

Hank_this is just awesome.Love the words and how you told the story. We truly have all been there at one point or other. And may be again, I fear. WE humans have our own feeble and confused way of thinking we know whats best. But HE truly does, not just for us-but for all. Love this Hank-LOve the Ending. I am curiois too- (does) Bush no Ji mean love and honor?

05/28/2013 03:09

Now I know it means (Temple Warrior), And you most definitely fit that calling. :)

05/29/2013 11:57

:) <3

04/03/2011 23:35

This is quite amazing! I love the way you wrote it so I could almost hear you telling me the story, I had to read it out loud and then read it to Larry too because I simply love this, thank you for sharing it, Hank.

04/04/2011 01:35

When we don't think we have the strength to stand, He shows us that we do. This is wrought with emotion, an incredible piece. ((((hugs))))

gina moreno
04/04/2011 01:59

Wonderful Bushi, thank you so much for sharing. Great power in your verse

Eliza Anne
04/04/2011 07:39

Message: DO NOT MESS WITH GOD. Hank, this is tremendously good. It's beautifully composed, tells a story, conveys a message, and is easy to read/understand. I love the way things all turned out.

04/04/2011 08:37

Pretty epic stuff, keep standing, Bushi no Ji.

04/04/2011 08:50

Sharon...thank you sweet heart, very much. BushinoJi means "Warrior of the Temple/The Temple Warrior" btw;)
Cherry, you know more about my struggles than probably anyone else on the planet. Been a arduous journey so far as you know. And still, a long way to go yet. But my faith sustains me through all of this. Sage you say? I love sage marinated steak hun ;) <3
All you guyz are so wonderful. I hope God blesses all of you, in grand fashion at that too. Much respect...much love, always.
Jen, thank you luv...tis true what you say. So true. I will never shake my fist in anger against the Lord ever again. By all rights I should not be here. I wonder what's in store for me next. Hopefully blessings in abundance.
{{{NYLA!!!}}} so glad you could make it by dear one. Thank you so much for coming by. I know how busy you are. This such a treat for me...if you only knew. *muah!*
Ann, it is such a pleasure knowing you. You're always are so positive about life and love. You are a wonderful friend and I am proud to know you. I could sing from the roof tops of how I feel...joyous.
So much we don't understand Mea. If we would but just take the time and see for ourselves...we would shocked at what awaits us. You are such a delight girl. *Look at my response to Sharon at what BushinoJi means ok? <3
You are most welcome Ms Alba...I will probably recite this one over at Speak Easy Cafe this Thursday. I love it over there. You should come by if you get the chance. I would love to hear you recite one of your poems there...*sigh*
Dahlia...thank you boo. It is in our weaknesses that we truly find strength I believe. Why the Lord spared me I don't really know yet. But I am a patient man. I await His instruction, day by day. Love having you by doll, your critique' of my work is very valuable to me. <3
{{{Gina!!!}}} glad you could make it by sweet heart. Glad you liked it. It is I that am thankful...no doubt about that. *hugs!*
Eliza, ain't it the truth no? I must have out of my mind to chastise Him. And for MY mistakes at that. I have been so stiff necked over the years...never ever EVER again. He has been so good to me in my life. Some of the things I have gone through would blow your mind if I told you...blows mine every time I ponder it. Love your visits and your candor when you cone by. It is most assuredly a pleasure. :)

04/04/2011 08:51

Ashlyn...<3 thank you luv

04/04/2011 12:59

Hank this is a gorgeous poem.... love the style and grace and the passion of it !! Thank you for tagging me and for being a friend...its good to know you...and this site is beautiful... what a nice place to post your work....GREAT JOB !!! xoxoxo

Valerie Cranfill
04/04/2011 20:41

This is an excellent poem, Hank, and I truly enjoyed reading it. I don't think I've ever had a conversation/argument toward God, but I know there's been times that I just didn't understand why things went down the way they went down. I found my answers later....and that's the moral to so many stories....sometimes we just don't wait long enough for the answer. GREAT writing. Thanks for linking me to it!

04/05/2011 21:57

Thank you very much Debbie. You have been such a delight since we've met. Glad you like my abode too;) It's not bad for a freebee that's for sure. Lot of freedom here. Lot more than MS ever offered actually. Used to have a GeoCities site till they got bought out...lost everything, 10 year old site too. But I will be getting my own .com soon so everything will really change when that happens. But for now I like it right here and keeping in touch with everybody else in what ever way. Just glad friends don't mind coming here. Wish more of the ones that "liked" my site would comment haha, but that's ok, I think we have some killer confabs don't you? :)
Hey Valerie, thanks for coming by hun and thank you very much for your comment too. I think everyone on the planet has looked up at one time or another and raised their fists towards heaven in anger or disgust. Or against our brothers and sisters too. All it is is being prideful. When we start to think that all we have is because we created it, pride sets us up for disappointment. Trying to take all the credit for who one is, is saying he/she is God themselves. I wear many scars from the mistakes I have made because my pride got in the way while on my journey. As in this work, I relate...it almost got me killed. I have always been a man to seek wisdom and know in my heart my beliefs come from the oldest of origins. But I have also wandered in the wrong direction many times too. Failed many tests, but I seek truth. Sometimes it comes with a price, sometimes it takes your life. I am thankful I am still here.


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