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"The Sign Said"

I wish I could…
Just wear this happy meal face all the time
Looks clean huh? Un-scathed?

This porcelain death mask of comedy has cracks,
too many to see
I'm a trained puppet of misery

Always smiling...still
Torn inside
Was never said before
Just angry
Because of the spoils of life?

C'est la vie?
Savoir faire?
C'est la guerre!
I just fix eat it most times

Raged road kill caviar
Monkeh brain briolette'
Chimp jewelry
No Chinese food please?
I hate sum dum guy

Gather it
Mix it
Spice it up with a little life
Cook it
Eat it
Be careful how you share it too

You could poison an unsuspecting soul...sucker
And not even realize
Like radiator fluid juice
What a gamble

It's all on the table now though
Cards laid out
Straight poker of the heart
A royal flush...Woo hoot! Pay me dammit!!

But it went right down the drain
Drain-owed...almost like orange anti-freeze
Sweet/rancid cerebellum death
The recipe for thoughtful meals?

Happy meals of course
Ice creamed cones
Apple pies in a test tube
Healthy food?
Conservative tripe!
Tripe?! What is that?! ”Moooooo!”

Shouldn't eat the fast food of fools
Take out in the land of no return
The price of an ice creamed cone?
Cheap right?
Sold your soul for a lick then huh?

One purchase per customer

“No Refunds Allowed!!”

Did you know there is a sir-charge on straws now?
That's what the sign said
More Mickey D's Burger Doodles Cap'n D's
Extra charges for condiments too
Don't even have to say please


Is this even affordable?
I think they R.S.V.P. now
Have it your way?!

Fuck you!!!

I think I'll go to "The Golden Corral"…ahhh, Heaven
I love a buffet
All you can eat
Cookies too
I can have 5 ice creame' cones
For the price of 1 if I want…MMmmmmm!

That's what the sign says dammit!
And all the cookies you can eat…remember?

Now that's a bargain.

© 2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.


madnessdeepens (beth mayes)
06/13/2012 20:46

That is down right fucking truth! Wow I need to come read you more often been so busy I haven't writen or read in so long.... BUT after reading this, you can bet I will see you at the Corral! :)

06/13/2012 21:38

Free cookies for everybody Beth, Yay!!!!! lolz

06/18/2012 05:56

Bro, you know how much the fast overflows the throes of the starving, how the instant food gratification = is a harvesting all the choices of an emancipated nation. Dig this my friend , has an aptly social message and a rhythm that is fun to read. Thanks for this :-)

06/18/2012 16:43

Thank you brother Matt, I am digging the awesome comment you left.

06/13/2012 21:03

I love the honesty of your writing, so raw and passionate always!

06/13/2012 21:39

Thank you Ms Alba, glad you came by luv :)

cherry rose
06/13/2012 22:12

C'est la vie To the heart that eats at such an expensive price Awesome write Link worked for me from your post and on your page Hank

06/13/2012 22:15

Thanks for coming by Cherry, I don't know why it's working for soe but not others,won't even work for me clicking it. C'est la vie no? :)

06/13/2012 22:43

Just as refreshing and versatile as you yourself :)

06/18/2012 16:44

Awe Lisa, ya say the sweetest things, thanks for coming by my prrrrrreety keetay! :)

06/13/2012 22:59

one thing i have taken notice in and on myself is congruence. there is a line in here:
"I'm a trained puppet of misery
Always smiling...still"
when i see someone hurting and lonely and they say "im alright", with a smile, sometimes, most times i can see it in their eyes...the pain behind the cracks in the warpaint. the incongruousness.

this poem caught me that way right from the start except you pull no punches, this is a great, transparent message of sad. excellent.

06/18/2012 16:50

Very astute sister, yeah, I pull no punches for sure, and so true, the eyes cannot truly lie. Unless you're trained real well. ;) I love that you felt something out of this Sherri, it's nice having someone bounce their thoughts off of me. <3

06/13/2012 23:20

Damn those cravings. Putting on that Happy Meal Face sometimes feels like a lie and it's easier to just hang the 'closed' sign. *sighs* (((hugs dollface)))

06/18/2012 16:55

Well, there really is a lot in this write, I've noticed the different perceptions here among everybody so far...delightful!!!

06/14/2012 02:58

Not at all what I expected but a brilliant surprise anyway :) So much here actually. Must return to it soon. Away for the weekend and leaving this afternoon. Love it!!! x

06/18/2012 16:59

yep, is a lot there, but glad you came by sweets, have a safe...but fun time Fi.

06/14/2012 22:01

Really enjoyed this....a really fun ride yet the entire time we are aware that we are four wheeling over some misery for sure. Thanks for the tag!

06/18/2012 17:01

Tickles me you enjoyed it Nic, yeah, there's a few warnings in the lol thanks for coming by hun

falling feather
06/17/2012 22:35

Hank, thank you for inviting me here. This was not what I was expecting but I love it : ) Is there a way I can follow you here so I will know when you post?

06/18/2012 17:04

You're welcome sweet heart, glad you liked it. You can scroll up and under the "categories" on the right is an RSS feed link, just click it. Thanks for coming by hun, love that you did.


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