illustrated by Zilla774/courtesy DeviantArt

“The Watchers”
(The Fallen Ones)

And from the beginning
As to the end
Bound destroyers of the flesh
Defilers of all beasts
The Nephilim did flourish
As the rulers of the Earth
Letting the blood of mankind
Yet a Goliath was cut from the line
Worthy of his reprobate lineage he died
But warned the seat of Tarturus
And the peace they would not find
Vengeanced arrogance
Would be their reply
Amidst the promise of immortality
Contempt for the worthy
Mixed from the roots of enchantment
Blood blended with wine
The wine of 'Amoros
Nectar of forbidden magic
Taught in the skills of war
Azazel’s heritage
For centuries would consummate
Bending of the elements with God like flare
The Fallen One’s took on that dare
But cry and wail to the prophets
Let them intervene for your salvation
As you rape the daughters of the Universe
Discriminated Agilent Li(f)e
Subjugated to the gates of Sheol
How does a man plead for a God’s life?
He does not
The Fallen lied
The Watchers watched with no reply
But the Prophet would turn away
Hold no tears to cry
For the Fallen were left
In the end
As the beginning
They knew why
Hell would be the end
The place they surely would die

© 2009 H.A.Irwin,Jr.



04/26/2011 05:52

Oh Joy--your back with another! I haven't read anything on the Nephilim in a very long time. THIS is astonishing Hank!! How Goliath ("warned the seat of Tarturus- And the peace they would not find.') How simple a truth this is and so very difficult to enbrace--*There is no peace without the Author of it.* This write is just lovely, dark yes, but lovely. And to quote you again, out of text-in part.
"The Fallen lied_ The Watchers watched with no reply_ They knew why."

04/27/2011 08:05

Haha...thank you for the wonderful comment Mea. This was inspired by a reading of the book of Enoch. After reading that I was enamored by the "giants." Allll kinds of info on YouTube concerning them. Can you believe that Satan actually asked Enoch to intervene for them? There is so much more to this life than what we have been led to know. Either by deception...or just plain ignorance. The more I look the more I find. Revelations no doubt. I love history anyways, but this kind of history is our epitaph. I seek to learn all this fat head can take in. lol....thanks for coming by doll...very much.

04/27/2011 09:24

Most moving Hank, those that have become the fallen shall we not weep for them? as I understand we should pray and forgive them for their boisterous way in the eyes of our father

04/27/2011 10:31

I am such a groopie! this is amazing hun!

04/28/2011 11:32

What an Epic piece, your work is always so rich and facinating to read. I love the way you thread pieces of "knowledge" throughout your work, a Revelation indeed is coming... Sooner than some think, in the midst of these recent storms I stumbled across a web site where many were praying for those in the storm ravaged areas, and one got on Blaming God - over 175 people liked the comment, it received more likes than any other in the list.... the only thought that came to mind is, deny God you may... but one day you will still be on your knees at the foot of the throne... dunno why I shared that but it came to mind and I ran with it :))

05/01/2011 00:42

Once again swept away and enchanted... ...nay.. bewitched by the epic tale-telling as your thoughts and pen combine!

05/01/2011 07:49

We should care about all of us who fall Crissy, except Lucifer and his fallen angels. That's what this is about...the fallen angels. Thanx for coming by sweet heart, always a pleasure. :)
A groopie Nyla? lmao girl...thanks for coming by doll <3
Awe geewiz Jen, this is such a wonderful comment you've left me. And yes, to everything you've said too. I used to blame God for everything too, but I was ignorant of His character. Not so anymore. "Study to show thyself approved" so saith the Lord.
Awe Sharon...you're the best girl :)

Elkiza Anne Jones
05/01/2011 09:36

Bad gods must die !! Hank, I was mesmerized from start to smashing conclusion. This is an incredibly forceful and artistically-composed piece.

05/01/2011 13:08

Why thank you very much Eliza. Glad you enjoyed it sister. Love that you came by and left me with a such a wonderful compliment too.

Briana Lucero
05/12/2011 02:39

Hank this is wonderful, a time keeping piece! I love the tone and they way it makes me think of looking at a painting! Wonderful yes indeed! Hugs & love to you!

stephany borders
05/18/2011 20:29

Tales to intrigue and carry us along. Battles are never won, but ...your words clearly put them through their best paces...
Looking forward to more!!!

05/20/2011 09:04

{Ms Bri!} I am so pleased to see you. I am glad I could "capture" your attention with this. Thank you so much sweety.XXX's 2U2 :)
Haha Stephy...battles indeed. 'Cept this one's for real. This was actually inspired by a reading of the Book of Enoch, one of the apocryphal books found in the Dead Sea. I probably should have put a link to it. Most would find it fascinating to read/watch...and consider the thought I might add too. The Dead Sea Scrolls are where the Isaiah Scroll comes from. More proof of the Bibles validity. Tnx for coming by sweet sister, always a pleasure seeing you by here.

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