“To Dance Once More”

It's a long hard road but the road I'm on
Tracing my steps through the rights and wrongs
Leaving the blues for a brand new song
But it still sounds just like the blues

Smokey acrid lucid notes
At the top of the highest cloud the music floats
Streaming arpeggios apropos'
Let the melodies carry me along

But if ever I get the slightest chance
To find someone with the music I’d dance
Just look in my eyes and take my hands
Such sweet songs you would hear

Like nightingales or meadowlarks
A sweet bird of paradise the one that was lost
Looking for the melody no matter the cost
I just want to dance once more

I would sing of the way that your love set me free
Scribe to my heart your song so complete
Lay down my vows let them rest at your feet
The finest chords are so delicate and sweet

So delicate and sweet indeed

© 2010 H.A.Irwin,Jr.

I just want to thank all of you for coming by and wish you all the very best that life has to offer. Never let the music stop and never let the dancing end.


cherry rose
07/14/2011 19:27

Hank , this is esquisitely and beautifully penned, filled with so much hope, May what dreams you penned come to be . You deserve all your wishes and dreams to come full circle for you ~ cherry rose

07/14/2011 19:36

To dance once more, its a wish of many a heart, too true that many a tune still rings of the blues and its a hard melody to hear repeated incessantly in one's ear and mind, but the hope of one more timeless dance is intoxicating at the very least :) well scribed my friend.

07/14/2011 20:30

The heart's yearning, honest as the wind, natural as earth's streams, lonely as the pauses between solemn sighs... Wishing you oceans of love, you do so deserve it Sir. Thank you for inviting me to read dear friend.

07/14/2011 21:10

hank, this is gorgeous. a surrender to the moment which is incredibly difficult to do. to let go and let things be as they are, even in pain or loss. man, i commend you.

07/15/2011 00:49

Once again you move me with such tender & beautiful thoughts.... why aren't Australian men like you?
Beautiful, hon.


Elaine Meatwosocks
07/15/2011 00:54

Like a weeping willow whos branches sweep the air in sorrowful but exhilarating beauty--this is a gem of that sort. You have been on a rocky journey but still find the diamonds along the way. Bless you brother, in all you do.

07/15/2011 09:07

oh this is so completely wonderful every single part of this was beautiful
what a lovely share Hank

07/18/2011 09:48

Thank you Cherry...one can dance alone you know. You just have to have enough joy for love...that's plenty enough to dance about don't you think? Even still, it is nice to have someone to share the dance with.
Thank you Jen, and yes, I agree. Comes with having an ultimate understanding I think, you have to drive the miles to see the whole road. But when you lose your driving partner, the road makes you weary, but we still have much to be thankful for nevertheless. Thank you for coming by and leaving a heart felt reply Jen. I really dig that.
Nic, you just about melted me with that touching reply girl. It has been such a pleasure to be able to know you. Half the time I'm stupefied as what to say lol You've a killer friend, and a wonderful girl Nic, mucho hugs senorita
Yeah Sherri...you just gotta keep dancing even if it's on your lonesome. I'm cool. At least I got the chance to cut a rug in my day :) xxx's
Haha, thank you Sharon...my brothers these days are lovers of themselves sweet heart, it's worse here in the States. Takes a discerning mind to find 1 good man out of a whole basket to choose from. And then you'd still have to mold him. Thanks for coming by hun, it's always a pleasure hearing from you.
awe, thank you Elaine, beautiful comment sweet heart...life is so bitter-sweet, really is. I am grateful for everything I have in this world. I always will be. God bless you too doll.
Thank you Crissy, I'm glad you liked it. :)

07/18/2011 10:15

Thanks for reposting this Hank-it's beautiful. Dance away, do the things that bring you joy, keep an open heart, and who knows what will happen? <3

07/19/2011 09:54

Thank you Elizabeth, but it's not a re-post, it's just one that was on the back burner. And you're right too, who knows what will happen if you keep an open heart? :) <3

07/19/2011 12:24

There's a rawness that comes from the blues, an honest soulfulness that I think opens us up. And it allows us to more fully appreciate and dance to the finer notes. The song you have painted here is absolutely beautiful ;)

((hugs, dollface)))

07/23/2011 23:05

Hey brother, long time no see, great to see you post again but so much better for a heart to read your words again.

Gentle are the words by which you sing softly on the chords of bonding hearts, you write with gentle perfection.

awesome write bro'

David Martin (Myspace)

07/29/2011 08:39

Thank you so much Lisa...your presence here is such a delight.
Brother Dave!!! Man it's good to see you here, I swear. Your comment is icing on the cake my brother WordSmyth. Peace and joy to you always my friend.

Sara Bostonia
07/29/2011 11:41

Heya darlin! My suggestion is technical, since this piece has accomplished a distinct feel of hope and clarity. The line:

"At the top of the highest cloud the music floats"

I feel it could be more succinct, and therefore flow better with the lines around it. Maybe "Atop the highest cloud the music floats" or even "Atop the highest cloud, music floats."

Like I said, technical. :) Well done, my friend.

07/29/2011 14:15

Hey Sara! Lovely to see you over here my sweet sister. Thanks for the feedback sweety, always love when people read "into" my work...thank you for the critique' love. Maybe I should do this in spoken word form, it has a certain, how you say, "ring" to it. If I cut it down it would lose some flow to it, I think. But either way, you got me thinking. :)

Tammy Hendrix
09/21/2011 14:08

Hank, this is so sweet and dreamy, charming and romantic and filled with appreciation of life and all the beauty it offers us to dance to. This made me smile. Lovely, dear sir.

09/28/2011 14:53

Thank you Tammy, thank you so much.


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