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“To the Balance”

Behold, Virgo stands
the equivocal balance in her hands
Justice awaits
as Abandon wreaks his havoc
She grows tired of the weight
28,000 days have we waited for this clamor
We wrestle in silent repose now
as does the iron hammer
Scroll upon scroll
flash the testimonies that have us hold
that all knees shall bend to the balance
We have, been told
We are carried through the ages
to be discerners of men
Searching the hearts of those
who seek to understand
that the wisdom of the Ancients
soon comes to be at hand
As we wait
And as we watch
The fall of best laid plans

© H.A.Irwin,Jr.

11/28/2012 17:13

Scroll upon scroll ~~ and oh yes, as we watch the fall of best laid plans. love this Hank. All too true.

11/28/2012 18:36

thank you Mea, very much

11/28/2012 23:43

I liked this, gets me to thinking. I used to think we had a hand in our own fate, but sometimes I think we're just puppets and regardless of best laid plans, everything has been mapped out long ago.
(((hugs, dollface)))

11/30/2012 09:58

I think we still do Lisa, but the "map" has been laid out no doubt, how we perceive it is paramount though, I think when we deter from the path though, is when we become puppets in this world, doing what makes us look good in man's sight, rather than in the one that made us. But eventually we shall see the whole truth. I have faith in that. {{{Love ya boo!!!}}}

Stephany Borders
11/28/2012 23:47

there is no time limit on when wisdom will arrive,
for many it never does!
So enjoyable to read this!

11/30/2012 10:00

Stephy, you tickle my toes girl haha! I'm so glad you liked this little piece. Makes my day.

11/29/2012 11:50

yes, all knees will bend to the balance- very well written!

11/30/2012 10:01

thank you Kristen, thank you very much <3

Valerie Cranfill
11/30/2012 01:01

Life is usually some sort of balancing act so we have to learn to walk the tight rope. A lot of great lines here. I really liked the two meanings of "weight" and "wait" here. Great job.

11/30/2012 10:05

Thank you Val :) walking a straight and narrow path ain't as easy as it seems sometimes, but we just gotta keep trucking. I love that you like the wordplay in this. I've been working on a song for awhile now, would sound a lot better with your voice singing it though. *hinthint ;) When I get the medley complete, I'll send you a link. I'd love to hear your perspective on what I've got down...it's a ballad too haha!

11/30/2012 15:55

Powerful... such haunting echoes... chronicle the passage of time.


12/01/2012 09:52

Ah balance!! One of my fave subjects to think on and tear my hair out over. Well figuratively anyway :) Love the way you've approached it. Brilliant :D

12/02/2012 10:39

crap, that comment was supposed to be for Sharon...but thank you too Fiona :)

12/02/2012 10:37

thank you sister, love your site btw

12/02/2012 10:40

thank you hun, my first comment to you got shuffled down for some reason...but anyways, like I said, love your site.

12/15/2013 05:52

Poor Virgo. She should know by now Abandon always wins in the end. We're dust in the wind, right? and Chaos reigns supreme. This is an elegantly worded and deeply meaningful work of poetry, Hank. I really admire it. I hope this is the poem for which you tagged me. I've a brand-new computer and am flailing about wildly in my efforts to make sense of this crazy cyber world of ours.


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